Trip to Golden Temple, Vellore

Went to Vellore’s famed Golden Temple yesterday along with family.¬† Route: Bangalore->Hosur->Krishnagiri->Ambur->Vellore all on NH7 and NH47.

It was a trip on a wednesday (now, that’s THE benefit of being an entrepreneur). Started at 11:30 AM at home. Reached Siripuram at 2:30 PM. Had halt as usual at BP Station near Krishnagiri – more for A2B coffee than for diesel :) . The drive was so mechanical¬† – this is one thing I miss about the non-GQ days.

Now on NH47 as you reach Vellore, there are quite a few sign boards that show directions to Siripuram. Apparently all of them reach Siripuram through a different route. The one I took was pretty narrow with few potholes – but not that bad. From the highway, Siripuram is about 4 kms from where I took the turn – but if you take the right turn near Pallikonda (immediately after the toll gate), it would be about 11 kms – but the road is bit wide compared to what I took.

It was so hot in Vellore that we skipped our plans to visit Vellore fort and decided to take rest in Innova itself for an hour before we venture out into the temple.  We took the Rs. 250/- ticket even though there is not much of a rush Рjust to see the sprawling campus and the temple more closer. Once inside the temple, we had to walk around 2 kms in a star shaped path before we actually get near the deity. It was an easy walk. We walked slowly so that we can see the golden temple in lights. Once our darshan was over, came back and started off at 8:00pm. Reached Bangalore at 12:00am. Got significantly slowed down due to the traffic and also was feeling sleepy. So had to take 3-4 breaks. While coming back I took the 11kms road from Siripuram joining NH47 at Pallikonda.

I felt that the temple is more of a commercial establishment than a temple. There were too many photos/images of Amma Shakti to my liking. You will forced to enter to small stalls selling some pooja items, sarees, souvenirs as a part of the queue to the temple. All said and done, worth a visit once just to see the beauty of temple in gold than anything else.

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